If you have been following Meals and Miles blog for a while, you know that I was using the hosting site Wix. When blogging I found so many issues with people being able to access my post. Comment section wasn’t working. It would take forever to load. I finally decided to switch hosting agency.

I decided on Word Press as I heard it was the easiest for blogging. Well I “transferred” my site and was told it would be ready on September 21, 2018. I was excited because most bloggers I know use Word Press and their post are amazing.

Today is the day! I am ready to start blogging and design my new website. I log in to find that none, and I mean NONE of my post transferred over. I contacted support and was told I need to follow the rules for Wix transfers. I read it and it was brought to my attention that I should have done my RSS before the completion of the transfer. Welp, there goes all of my post. FML (This is not “for my lost”, this is F**K MY LIFE).

I started to feel down about this as I have put in long hours on those post. Then I had a new thought, “This is my chance to start over completely”. I can design and blog how I would like to without so many restraints. I just have to be patient in the learning process. I have to learn word press and all its functions. I have to have a positive attitude about starting over.

I said all this to say, there will be new content coming soon. Please check back periodically for new blog post. Until I start posting please follow me at and .


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