If you have been following Meals and Miles blog for a while, you know that I was using the hosting site Wix. When blogging I found so many issues with people being able to access my post. Comment section wasn’t working. It would take forever to load. I finally decided to switch hosting agency.

I decided on Word Press as I heard it was the easiest for blogging. Well I “transferred” my site and was told it would be ready on September 21, 2018. I was excited because most bloggers I know use Word Press and their post are amazing.

Today is the day! I am ready to start blogging and design my new website. I log in to find that none, and I mean NONE of my post transferred over. I contacted support and was told I need to follow the rules for Wix transfers. I read it and it was brought to my attention that I should have done my RSS before the completion of the transfer. Welp, there goes all of my post. FML (This is not “for my lost”, this is F**K MY LIFE).

I started to feel down about this as I have put in long hours on those post. Then I had a new thought, “This is my chance to start over completely”. I can design and blog how I would like to without so many restraints. I just have to be patient in the learning process. I have to learn word press and all its functions. I have to have a positive attitude about starting over.

I said all this to say, there will be new content coming soon. Please check back periodically for new blog post. Until I start posting please follow me at and .


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​Meals and Miles was created by Monique and Leon Tillman. This site was developed to share our trips, food, and tips with the world.  We want people to see and know that you do not have to be rich to travel and eat well. We hope to inspire individuals and couples to try new adventures and foods. Seek adventures you never thought of and live on the wild side while enjoying each other. LIVE A LITTLE MORE, EXPAND YOUR BOUNDARIES AND HAVE BLAST! ​ The idea for Meals and Miles came one summer evening in July of 2014, while riding in the car to Washington D.C.  Monique always wanted to start a blog, but never knew what to blog about. We were laughing at some of the adjectives our friends use to describe us and our love for traveling. So we thought, "Why not show others how to have fun with their spouse? Why not blog about our trips? Why not show people the things we do?" We thought of names for our site the whole weekend. And during one of our random laugh sessions, as Leon was talking crazy, meals and miles came up and it stuck! ​ We have traveled to a total of 31 of 50 states, 11 Island, and 5 countries! ​ On this site we will post our trips, photos, and reviews for various destinations, restaurants, and accommodations. Please leave vacation reviews and comments in the designated areas.  Now owner, Monique Tillman is an official Independent Travel Agent with She can book anything from hotel accommodations, airline tickets, vacation packages, car rental, tours, excursion, etc. Although Meals and Miles is our brand, trips will be booked under Monique Tillman as an Independent Agent for Inteletravel. Meals and Miles site will promote vacation deals, but please be clear ALL vacations will be booked under Monique Tillman as Independent Agent with

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