*Hotel Review* TRS CORAL, Costa Mujeres, Mexico



I had the pleasure of staying at the newest location of TRS properties, TRS Coral in Costa Mujeres, MX. TRS is a brand of hotels under the umbrella of Grand Palladium Hotel and Resorts. TRS stands for the The Royal Suites. It’s an adults only resort with access to the family resort Grand Palladium. TRS has multiple properties  located in Mexico as well as Dominican Republic.

I chose this property for multiple reasons. First, it was a brand new property meaning I would be the first to sleep in the beds. Second, Costa Mujeres is a newly developed area located north of Cancun and the beaches would not be crowded with tourist. Third, TRS and Grand Palladium boast about their exceptional service, and amenities, so why not try them.

We arrived at TRS Coral exactly one week after their grand opening. Before arrival we had already read multiple negative reviews about the resort and how they were not finished building the property. Lucky for us, we went in with an open mind and ready to relax. Upon arrival we noticed the massive concrete guarded entrance with newly planted trees and plants. The guard checked each every car, van, or person entering into the property. This was a great first impression because it made me feel safe. We were taken to the entrance which is separate from Grand Palladium and greeted by the bellman.

We walked into the lobby and was greeted by Alfredo. He told us to take a seat while he gets someone to check us in. Alfredo also asked, “What would we like to drink?” We could not think of a drink off hand and Alfredo said “TEQUILA”. My response, “Why not”.  While waiting for our tequila shots, I took the time to admire the decor. Grand Luxe is the best way to describe the decor. Gold, white, and black was the color scheme of the lobby. Plush gold seating, marble black and white floors, aromatherapy scents in the air.

While waiting for Alfredo we were given champagne. Two minutes after champagne we were given tequila shots and taken to the check in area. During check in we were told that there were no swim up rooms available, but we were given two options. One, take a junior suite and receive a free couples massage, or take a loft suite which is an upgrade from the swim up room we reserved. We decided to take the junior suite with the couples massage. It was our anniversary and we did not plan to spend much time in our room anyway.


We were escorted to our room. Upon arrival, we were greeted by Luis our butler. *Note- everyone floor of the sleeping corridors has a butler. Luis introduced himself and gave us all the details and showed us how to use all the technology in the room. The room was beautiful and you could tell it was brand new. You could still smell the fresh paint, but nothing was wet.

The technology in this room was grand. To request cleaning service just press the button on the wall and it will lite on the outside of your door to notify cleaning crew. On the same keypad, is the “Do not disturb” sign. Press this button and it will lite on the outside of your room as well. The coolest feature to me was the aromatherapy button. You can press the button and set the scents to disperse every 5, 10, or 15 minutes.

On your TV you can order room service. This function was not available during our stay, but we were able to view the menu on the TV and order on the phone.  The bathroom was open to the room, but you can add privacy by pulling the curtains closed. The toilet was enclosed by a glass door as well as the shower. The shower had a rain shower head and a regular shower head . Unfortunately, we did not take advantage of the hydro massage tub.

I love that the room had an seating area to define itself from the sleeping area. We had a perfect view of the pool. The balcony area was the biggest I have ever had at any hotel or resort. There was also a blue tooth speaker that we could take outside on our balcony, but you could not take it outside of the room (cannot take it to the pool).

Luis asked what we would like to drink first, and we said tequila. He brought us a full bottle of Don Julio tequila. Now, I have been to resorts and most of the liquor in the room is bottom shelf cheap liquor, but not here. Not only was the liquor top shelf, but the bottles were big. The fridge was stocked with juices, sodas, beer, water, and candy. After getting settled in, we decided to eat dinner at the Mexican restaurant on the Grand Palladium side.

TRS has 6 restaurants, but only 4 were open. In total between the 2 properties there are 16 or 17 restaurants. The Mexican restaurant was amazing and the service was exceptional. We had everything from fried cheese, shrimp, stuffed crab, flautus and more. While eating we noticed they were setting up for tonight performance.

The theater was still under construction so all of the evening shows were outside on a stage they built in the courtyard. After dinner we walked to the Spa which was pretty far from the restaurant. We could have caught the trolley cars, but we needed to walk off all the food we just ate.

The spa is massive. Upstairs is the gym with all kinds of machine from cardio to weight lifting and even some cross fit items. They were still working on the upper rooms of the spa, but for the most part everything was up and running. The layout of the spa pool was beautiful. Hydro beds, hydro seats, feet massagers all in the main spa pool area. There was an hot tub and cool tub. Salt and ice cave, as well as steam room and sauna. We scheduled our couple’s massage and turned it in for the night.

Burlesque Show

Burlesque Show

Burlesque Show


Salsa Dancing

We were not on the resort much on the next day due to an excursion that was a hour away. Upon our return, Luis informed us that the Indian restaurant was serving Thai that night. All wins for us. Most of the restaurants were rotating theme because they were still working to complete the actually Thai restaurant. The food was amazing, but service was a little slow. I do not think they were prepared for the rush because other restaurants opened that day as well, but it seemed that everyone wanted Thai. On the Grand Palladium side the restaurants are in what will be an outdoor shopping area. It’s a really cool set up and will be beautiful once everything is complete. Some stores were open, but not all of them.

That night we attended the burlesque show at the outside theater. Chic (the adults only cabaret show on property) was not open yet, but the dancers still put on a show for everyone. *Note- while Chic was closed they offered guess a chance to go to their sister property in Riviera Maya to catch the dinner and burlesque show. It was a great opportunity, but the sister property was over an hour away. The burlesque show was really good. A woman was spun around by strap that was connected to the man’s neck. We were frightened and entertained at the same time.

After the show, there was a Cuban band there to perform. I was encouraged by staff and my husband to learn salsa dancing. I met a man from Mexico City and a women from Columbia. They taught my husband and I the basics of salsa. A really cool experience.

We took a trolley back to TRS and sat out by the pool to relax. I loved that no one bothered us and it was quite around 10pm on TRS side. Most people were on their balconies/ patios or still eating in the restaurants. We turned it in early that night as well because the excursion kicked our butt.


TRS CORAL Beach Restaurant

SPA Pool

SPA Pool View

Massage Room

Massage Room

Massage Room

SPA Pool

Hydro Tubs

SPA Pool



Bathroom at SPA




Beach Club

The next morning we ate at the breakfast buffet. I will say the buffet is small, but there is a menu to order from with more options. Our massage was scheduled for 10:30 am so we walked to the SPA. We were given a tour of the facility and directed to the dressing area. The dressing area was newly finished. They were still putting in furniture during my time there. We were greeted by our masseur.

We entered the private massage room which had a door that lead out to a private outdoor shower. It was absolutely beautiful. We were given instruction and undress. The massage was nice and relaxing. Afterwards, I decided to enjoy the spa pools. There were two foreign ladies who kept telling me not to get in because the water was cold, but I ignored them and enjoyed myself. The water was not as cold as they made it seemed. I tried every massage bed and massaging areas available in the pool. Afterwards, I joined my husband in the hot tub.

The hot tub was certainly hot. We met a couple from Columbia and had a fun conversation with them via google translate. *Note- Google Translate will save your life while traveling in another country where English is not the primary language. We were dared to jump in the cold plunge pool and of course we are not backing down from a challenge. The cold plunge pool is great for your muscles after a work, but just to get in there is crazy. The water was extremely cold.

We decided to grab lunch at Helios which is the beach club on TRS side. One thing that I did not like was that most of the menu was not available, but I also understand why. The restaurant’s decor was absolutely beautiful. We were served quickly and even had entertainment at this restaurant from a trio band. The food was okay here to be honest. I had a chicken quesadilla. I will say they kept the drinks flowing during our time there. They were working on the steak house above us so you could hear some of that, but it was not over bearing or annoying.


More drinks, Thanks Alfredo!




Walkway to the beach

We headed to the beach after lunch. I must say I really enjoyed the beach. Bar service is available at your seats. The staff on the beach was helpful and fun to be around. There were plenty of seats and umbrellas. Remember this beach has been untouched so there’s plants leading out to the beach, but there is no algae in the water or on the sand. Alfredo was our server and he suggested a drink that was amazing. He explained that when you take a shot you must drink a refreshing and light drink to accompany your palette after. Ex: We had a shot of tequila. Alfredo brought us a citrus drink made with tequila that was very refreshing. It was probably the best drink I have ever had. The problem is Alfredo kept bringing them and the next thing I know I am in the middle of the ocean having a deep conversation with one of my close friends. Who talks about deep stuff when their drunk, “ME”. 

We stayed on the beach for a couple of hours. We headed to the pool where there was a live DJ. This was the first day I seen a DJ at the pool. During the morning and afternoons there were fitness instructors leading class at the pools, but never a DJ. The DJ brought people out to the pool and we were able to meet a lot of people from all over the world.  The pool was actually warm which was great. We partied at the pool for about two hours and then headed to the rooms to change for dinner.


Cheese Fondue



French Restaurant Decor


Lamb Chops


French Restaurant

Our butler informed us the Japanese restaurant was opened, but it first come first served. We headed over and there was a line out the door. They did not have an opening until 9pm that night. So we decided to go back to TRS side and try the French restaurant.

The French restaurant was beautifully decorated. The service was top notch and they had everything on the menu. I opted for the lamb while everyone else had surf and turf. We stayed in the restaurant until it closed around 11pm. 

The next day we decided to have breakfast on the Grand Palladium side because we were told it was better. When we entered the buffet we were instantly mad. Grand Palladium buffet was 10x the size of TRS. There was a station for everything. Traditional American style breakfast, Mexican breakfast, pastries, smoothie and juice bar, dessert bar, made to order omelettes, and much more.  All the food was amazing. I ate until I could not eat anymore. We headed back over to TRS and packed to head to the airport. I sat on the balcony for the first time since we arrived and took in the last sight of the hotel. Our butler Luis helped with bags to the lobby and Alfredo was there waiting to help with check out and bags. Our transportation arrived on time and we headed to the airport.

My over all review of TRS CORAL HOTEL was positive. I will say they could’ve  waited another week or two before opening their doors to the public. I was not disturb by the people working on the hotel. They were not in our way and to me they were not loud. I was surprise to see they were not equip with the necessary tools to get the job done faster. Everything was literally done by hand. Every plants, tree, shrub, tile, whatever you can think of was done by hand.

The only time I felt any frustration was going into restaurants and all the items on the menu were not available. The food I was able to experience was very good and better than any hotel I have been to.  

The staff was absolutely the best part of our experience. Each and every person we encounter went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable and had everything we needed. I felt bad for the staff because every time we went to them about something they were afraid we were going to complain. We watched some people loose their cool and talk really rude to staff. You could tell some of these people were privileged and use to the finer things in life. 

The resort is absolutely beautiful. Quite at night. This is not a party resort. I would suggest TRS CORAL to anyone looking to relax and just hang out. I will definitely return to this property. 

Thank you letter to our butler.

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  1. This resort looks soooo amazing and relaxing! I have a trip coming up to Playa Mujeres, Mexico and you just made me even more excited with your pictures!!


  2. I love a good hotel and when folks review it themselves it gives me a perfect view of whats really going on. They would have to drag me out when it was time to go lol


  3. This is a must do, it’s beautiful and sounds perfect. I really want to visit Mexico and I keep hearing dope things about it. I need to just go ahead and book a trip. I’m pinning this post.


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