Jack Daniel Distillery

Welcome to Jack Daniel Distillery Lynchburg, TN

A couple of months ago, I had the pleasure of visiting my favorite liquor distillery, Jack Daniel’s. Yes, I’m a southern girl who loves whiskey. Although I have lived in Tennessee most of my life, I had never been to Jack Daniel Distillery. So, when a good friend of mine decided to come in town it was fitting to do something different. Plus, we both like whiskey.

When visiting the Jack Daniel Distillery, you have three tours to choose from. Two of the tours allow you to taste different Jack Daniel products. The other tour does not allow any drinking and probably the most family friendly tour.

I will be honest, one of the reasons I did not go to the Jack Daniel Distillery before is because it’s located in Lynchburg, TN. Anything with the word lynch in it is not appealing to me. Let’s face it, we are in the south.

Nearest Greene History at Jack Daniel Distillery

The hidden secret to Jack Daniel’s empire was a man by the name of Nearest Green. He was slave. Our tour guide informed us that Nearest Green is the man responsible for teaching Jack Daniel how to make whiskey. According to a NY Times article, the decision to acknowledge and display Nearest Green contribution to Jack Daniel was made in 2016. It’s sad that it took so long to acknowledge Nearest and his family.

To make the famous Jack Daniel’s liquor, there is a process starting with the special wood that is burned down and used. The next step is the ingredients; corn, barley, rye and spring water. The spring water comes from the springs located on property.

Note: There are parts of the tour you’re not able to take pictures.  But what I can tell you is, its where the Jack is cooking down and fermenting. The smell of fermenting corn is a smell will never forget. The smell will knock you off your feet.

Once we made our way through the factory it was time to taste the liquor. We entered a warehouse where there a barrels of Jack Daniels stacked to the ceiling. You are able to purchase by the barrel. If I remember correctly, it is around $10K a barrel. You will get your name on the wall along with other people and celebrities who have purchased a barrel.

Once we passed all the names we entered into one for sexiest rooms I have ever seen in any tasting. My interior style is rustic and this tasting room was heaven for me. I did not get many pictures of it because I was concentrating on the liquor in front of me.

This was my first time tasting Jack Daniel Gold No27, Jack Daniel Sinatra, Single Barrel, Single Barrel Select, and Rye. Each liquor has a distinct taste. Some were fruity, some were smoky, some had a nutty flavor and some were bitter. My favorite out of the 5 was Jack Daniel Gold No27 which has a more fruity flavor. This bottle goes for $99.00

One of the best tour guides ever. He made the tour fun.

After the tasting, we were able to go to the gift shop where you can purchase the different Jack Daniel products. You are also able to get your bottle engraved if you choose to.

Jack Daniel Single Barrel

If you are ever visiting Middle Tennessee take a couple hours and enjoy the Jack Daniel Distillery.

17 Comments on “Jack Daniel Distillery”

  1. Before I read your post, my first thought was to ask if they spoke about Nearest Greene. It’s good to see that his influence in Jack Daniels isn’t hidden. I mean, it took a while, but at least people know.


  2. This looks like an amazing tour, and it’s a shame it took so long to recognize the family that created this empire! I’ve seen the signs for the distillery when headed down south, but what scares me is getting off the main highway for a country road!


  3. I’ve always seen the sign for the Distillery but I’ve never been. Like you the name didn’t detour me it’s getting off the highway on the country roads that scare me! But this looks like an incredible tour!


  4. This looks like a fun adventure, I’ve never been to a distillery before. I would check it out with my girls, my husband doesn’t drink so I don’t know if it would be that fun for us.


  5. Woww this is seriously for some hardcore Jack Daniel fans! It looks so interesting though!!



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