Couples Travel, What kind of couple are you?

It seems like we take a couples trip every year with friends. We don’t always go with the same couple, but over the years couples trips have become a big thing. One thing I find interesting is how much you learn about a couple when you travel with them.

My first couples trip experience.

Our first couples trip was a little rough for me because I’m an introvert at heart. It was my husband’s friends and their girlfriends/wives. There were multiple couples on this trip and I really didn’t know any of the females, but one. Also, my other friend and her guy were supposed to come, but they were snowed in and couldn’t come. So I was basically alone alone.

My introverted self was on my phone most of the first day because it seemed that the other females knew each other and were somewhat clickish. I’m so used to being an outsider in a group of women so it was normal for me. I was literally texting my friends play-by-play. My now husband who is an extreme extrovert asked me to try to talk to people. In my mind, I was like “yeah aight.” Annoyed as hell. Eventually the women went away from the men and that’s when everyone started to open up and talk, which was cool. I got to know some of the ladies. The next day, one of the ladies approached me and she instantly reminded me of my best friend. She was so happy go lucky, lol. That girl is now one of my closest friends. She basically forced me to talk to her. But, if you ever met her you know that’s her personality and I appreciated it.

Have you ever been on a couples trip and think, “man is that how your relationship really works?” Lol, well I have.

TRS CORAL Costa Mujeres, Mexico
The amount of drinks in this picture is hilarious.

What kind of couple are you on couples trips?

Disclaimer: My husband and I have probably been every couple listed below. Transparency at it’s finest.

Couples on Bad Terms

I have been around couples that make you cringe. You start asking yourself, “How well do I really know this couple?” Maybe stay at home till y’all are better because this is uncomfortable for everyone involved. Arguing over the littlest thing. Don’t want to be around each other. Just annoyed with the presence of their spouses. Talk about awkward.

The Planners

Then there’s the couples that require everything to be planned. I mean everything. When, where, how, why, type of couple. This is a little challenging when you and your husband don’t plan much for your vacation. It’s almost like I’m back at work. But, I appreciate the organization they bring to the trip. I plan trips for a living, which is why I don’t plan half of what I’m doing on my trips.

Own my own agenda couple.

Another couple we have encountered, is the couple who have their own agendas. They do separate activities not only from us, but from each other. Now, this was interesting to see. From the outside looking in, it looked like two singles traveling together. But, like I said before everyone relationship is different.

"The View" line in New York City.
New York fun. Standing in the line for the TV show “The View”.

The Well Off Couple

The couple that is well off and want to do top shelf activities all the time. Ummm, the way banking account is set up…. I have a checking and a savings. LMAO. We are budget friendly travelers over here. I can’t afford a booth at every club/lounge. Or, rent a yacht or have chefs cook every meal. That’s not my life, but rock on.


The couple that is overworked and finally get a break. No kids and all they want to do is rest. They will skip out on activities and stay in bed all day long. Sleep is their friend because when they return it’s back to the grind.

Toronto, Canada

Toronto, Canada

Jack Rabbits

This couple is getting it in any time they can. They have either not spent time together and this is their moment to soak up all the loving they can get. Or, they are kid free and there is no interruption in “mommy and daddy time.” This is all day and all night. Any break in group activity and they are back at it. Not mad at you one bit

I have encountered all of these couples at some point in time during our couples travel. Also, we have been some of these couples on trips. I thoroughly enjoy couples trips. I think they are fun as long as you are with the right couple. I feel that you can learn somethings from other couples as well when you travel.

Do you like to take couples trips? Which couple are you?

9 Comments on “Couples Travel, What kind of couple are you?”

  1. When traveling with couples things aren’t what they are cracked up to be because them flaws get exposed quickly. In some ways it makes you think where there needs to be work and hopefully inspire other couples to become closer. Overall it’s a interesting experience everybody can learn something from.


    • It’s definitely an interesting experience. I have learned alot traveling with other couples. Even networked with some of their friends that we have met during travel. But, you are right flaws definitely come to light when you are traveling with other couples.


  2. Great post! I love traveling with couples! But I totally agree it’s all about the expectations and who you are traveling with. Traveling with the wrong group can end horribly.


  3. I’m pretty sure I’ve been a part of every couple except the big balling couple. My life isn’t set up that way.

    I love couple’s trips, although I haven’t been on many (maybe that why I like them lol). Everyone is paired up so spending time alone with your s/o doesn’t rub (some) folks the wrong way. And there aren’t too many opportunities to make someone feel like a 3rd wheel.


  4. Great post. I’m defiantly the “planner” LOL. Traveling with couples can be a catch 22. I think it can be a great experience for everyone included BUT when you travel with the wrong couple or a couple that’s fighting & fussing it can get real uncomfortable real quick!


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