Easy Friendsgiving Sweet Potato Souffle

Over the last several years friendsgiving has become a big thing. People are spending more time with their friends during the holidays. Either because family is to far away, job restraints, its more cost effective, or etc. Friendsgiving is normally a potluck dinner in which everyone has to bring an item.

If you are attending a friendsgiving dinner this year, but have no clue what to bring, don’t fret I have an easy recipe for you. My mama’s (mother) sweet potato souffle. Its both sweet and savory. Its the one thing I look forward to every year. It will be a hit at this year friendsgiving.

Meals and Mile Sweet Potato Souffle Recipe
Sweet Potato Souffle Recipe
Friendsgiving Sweet Potato Souffle Recipe
You can also peel and boil potatoes, this is up to you.
Friendsgiving Recipe
Condense milk is optional. I add in 1/4 cup of condense milk.
The top of the souffle will brown while baking.
Easy friendsgiving sweet potate recipe
Topping before baking. You just want the sugar to caramelize not burn.

If you are worried about people having nut allergies, skip step five and just add marshmallows. When adding marshmallow, you only want to bake until marshmallow melt and light browned. I personally add both toppings.

Easy Friendsgiving Sweet Potato Souflle
Marshmallow Topping

Now you are ready to serve your dish to your friends!

15 Comments on “Easy Friendsgiving Sweet Potato Souffle”

  1. Umm this looks so good ! Hopefully you don’t have to know a lot about cooking because I’m still learning but I think this will be a great and easy recipe to try !!!


  2. That looks absolutely delicious! I have a friendsgiving to attend this weekend. I’m supposed to bring baked chicken, but I may also make this as well!


  3. O.M.GEEE.. Looks so good. Like I am just here drooling simply reading this. My hubby is the cook of the house. He’s needs to see this!


  4. Wow! This looks delicious. I have a Christmas party coming up in December, maybe I’ll try to make this. Who doesn’t love sweet potato?


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