Spiked Red Velvet Cupcakes

Meals and Miles Spiked Red Velvet Recipe

It’s that time of the year again, when baking is at an all time high. One of my favorite cakes to bake is red velvet. Let’s be honest red velvet is one of the best cakes ever, but it’s really just a chocolate cake with food coloring, lol. Nonetheless, it’s still one of my favorite.

While visiting family in Dayton, OH, I noticed Bailey’s released a limited edition Red Velvet drink. Now, Baileys is great in coffee and drinks, but I wondered how would it taste in a cake. So I decided to try to a spiked red velvet cake. Baileys hit the nail on the head with the taste, but would it translate in a cake? Yes, it did. It was really good. You get a hint of the Baileys and it did not over power the cake.

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Gift Guide for Travelers

Meals and Miles
Gift Guide for Travelers
Ideas for Gifts for Travelers

As the holiday season approaches, it is always hard trying to figure out what you should get people for Christmas. I can imagine its probably hard to figure out what to get your traveling family members and friends. Don’t worry I got you covered.

As a person who travels alot, I have come up with some gifts that all travelers need and use the most.


Photo by Fikayo Aderoju on Pexels.com

As a traveler you are always looking for good sturdy luggage. Luggage needs to be durable as it is tossed around from the time you drop it off at the ticket counter till the time you pick it up at baggage claim. As someone who you used to work for the airlines, we do not care about your luggage. We have times to meet. When purchasing luggage for someone, avoid black and navy blue luggage as everyone has that color. If luggage is ever lost, it hard to identify which of the thousand of black or blue luggage is yours.


Photo by Paulo Marcelo Martins on Pexels.com

Backpacks are important for travelers. It holds our laptops, chargers, snacks, camera, etc. If you are like me it also holds an extra pair of clothes. If my luggage is ever lost I can at least change clothes once until I get my luggage (tip of the day).

Extended Battery

This is a must. Extended batteries help charge your phones, camera, devices, and anything else you need. They normally have more than one charger port. There are not enough plugs in the airport to charge everything you need at one time. Also, so of the older planes still do not have plugs to charge you device while in flight.


Photo by Timothy Works on Pexels.com

Headphones can make or break your travels. One of the worse feelings is being in the airport or airplane and you do not have headphones. I personally do not want to talk on the airplane. Let me go to sleep, but when you do not have headphones you hear everything.

Gift Cards

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Airline, hotel/ resorts, and uber/lyfts, are all helpful for travelers.

RFID Wallet

Photo by Godisable Jacob on Pexels.com

With identity theft at an all time high, its important to have an RFID wallet. I have had friends information scanned while at the airport. RFID helps protect your credit/debit card for being picked up on scanners.

Portable Blue Tooth Speaker

Photo by Burst on Pexels.com

I love listening to music in my hotel and I don’t always want to take my phone in the bathroom while getting ready. Portable blue tooth are clutch. You can take them to the beach, sit on the balcony or patio and listen to music.

I hope this guide gives you some ideals of what to buy your traveling friend and family members.

Merry Christmas from Meals and Miles