Top five places to eat in Dayton , Ohio

5. Dorothy Lane Market

Imagine a World Market mixed with Publix, Trader Joe’s, and Sam’s Club. My mouth hit the floor when I walked into this Market. There was a coffee shop in the front and a bakery on the right. A bakery with all kinds of goodies. From cookies, cakes, pies, muffins, scones, brownies, rice crispy, and more. Then there was candy galore. The deli was massive. You can even take your personal dishes from home and take them to the market and they prepare food in your dish and you take it home to cook.

Also, samples on samples on samples. There are food samples stations throughout the market. I had a whole thanksgiving dinner in the market along with drinks. I also tasted eggnog for the first time. Yup, it took me 33 years to taste eggnog and it was too sweet for me.

4. Hamburger Wagon

This is a different spin on a food truck, lol. We took a trip to Miamisburg, OH to the hamburger wagon. Our cousins forewarned us that this was a different experience, but the burgers are really good. When we pulled up to a curb and seen a line of people in front of this wagon I said, “man these burgers must be good”.

The burgers are cooked in lard in a huge cast iron skillet. The wagon is only big enough to comfortably fit two people, at the most three. Now there are some rules. There are no condiments and no cheese, and don’t ask. Burgers come with onion and pickle only. One thing to note, the burgers are technically sliders. An adult can easily eat two to four burgers. Burgers do not come in a wrapper, but burgers are put in a wax paper bag.

The hamburger wagon is family owned. They are open 365 days a week the owner said. They only close when the whether is absolutely awful. And by awful they mean too much snow to more the wagon across the street. Definitely a place to try.

3. Winans Chocolate and Coffee

Before going to Dayton, I researched coffee shops because I needed somewhere to work outside of the house. I seen several coffee shops, but after talking to my cousin I decided to go to Winans Chocolate and Coffee. She stated how good the chocolate was and they are well known for their coffee. I’m not turning down sweets and coffee. Coffee and sweets are my two weakness.

I must say this place was one of the most relaxing coffee shops I have been to. The smell of chocolate and coffee was delightful. I tried one of their seasonal coffee drinks. I almost got chocolate, but it was nine in the morning and I didn’t feel like chocolate should be the first thing I ate, LOL. The chocolate was tempting. Everything you could imagine was in the coffee shop. Almond bark, pecan bark, mint patty, crispy peanut butter cup, cherry cordeal, buckeye, and much more. Since the holiday season was close there were some beautiful chocolate and coffee baskets for sale. Once again, tempting, but I stayed strong. Telling by the line of cars in the drive thru and the people constantly coming in the door to buy pounds and pounds of chocolate this place was hot spot. Stop by Winans Chocolate and Coffee if you are ever in the area.

2. Pasha Grill

One night we decided to get out of the house and go to dinner. Our cousin wanted to try out Pasha Grill because he heard great reviews about their food. We were down to go especially when we found out it was authentic Turkish food. We had never had authentic Turkish food, so we were excited to go. The atmosphere was family friendly, but I can see this being a cute date night as well. For a restaurant it seemed so peaceful. The staff was very friendly.

We tried a little bit of everything. My husband had apple tea, vegetable soup with lamb. I had Kebab combination (lamb and beef) with rice and mixed vegetables. Now I love rice, but this rice was so freaking good. The rice was cooked perfect and you could tell butter and seasoning were used to flavor the rice. I mean good. We talked about the rice over the weekend, Lol. The lamb and beef were cooked perfect and it was tender. Our meal was served with bread and red oily paste dipping sauce. The sauce was full of herbs and had a little spice, but not overbearing. My three year old ate several pieces of bread and dipped every piece in the sauce. There is also a kids menu with typical kids food like chicken fingers, fries, and mac n cheese. Highly recommend this place.

1.Bill’s Donut Shop

Remember my two weakness are sweets and coffee. On the first night in Dayton I wanted something sweet. My cousin advised trying Bill’s Donut Shop. She said it’s a famous donut shop and has been on many shows. She also stated it is open 24 hours. SOLD!!! I put my hoodie and jacket on and headed to Bill’s. Now she did warn me there will be a line. She said there is always a line. I was use to lines because when the hot sign comes on at Krispy Kreme the line is down the street.

When I arrived, sure enough there was a line. What I was not ready for was the amount of donuts there were to choose from. Overwhelming is an understatement. I have never seen so many different kinds of donuts. I wanted to try everything, but it’s not smart to spend that kind of money on donuts. By the time I reached the counter I knew what I wanted. I got a variety box. Sour Cream, chocolate, glaze, cinnamon sugar, and peanut caramel, and apple fritter. My favorites were the sour cream donut and apple fitter. The sour cream donut was to die for! Imagine a sour cream pound cake with crispy edges with glaze on top. AMAZING!!!!

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