Rise of the Black Coffee Owners

Being an adamant coffee drinker, I am always looking for the best quality coffee. Flavored coffee that does not require me to add anything to it. Coffee that offers different grinds if I choose to brew it a different way. I spend a lot of time in coffee shops working and blogging. While I have found quality coffee, I have not seen many black coffee shop owners, or roasters in the coffee world. I have traveled all over and recently started seeing a rise in black coffee lovers, roasters, and business owners.

I was recently introduced to a company, Chicago French Press, located in Chicago, Illinois. A family member posted her new coffee shipment and Chicago French Press immediately caught my attention. I saw the Caramel Apple and Maple Pecan flavors and asked her for all the details. I ordered my first batch of Coconut Crème and Caramel Apple coffee and it came within a week of placing the order! The smell of the coffee hit my nose immediately once I opened the box. I was amazed that the coffee smelled exactly like the flavors! I brewed my first cup of Caramel Apple and was hooked. I had to know more about this company and the owner. I was able to interview the owner of Chicago French Press, Kris Christian, and I must say after this interview I was more impressed with Chicago French Press.

Kris Christian is a Memphis, TN native, who studied at Howard University and landed a job on Wall Street. From Wall Street to entrepreneur, creating a branding and marketing service for small businesses called Fame. In 2015, she launched her own magazine name MADE.  While having multiple businesses and experiences under her belt, there was still something missing.

Mrs. Christian is a lover of coffee like me and was in search of quality flavored coffee, but struggled to find it. She also wanted a solution to running out of coffee. After much research, she saw an opportunity and a need for quality coffee that offered flavors that were not made from additives or imitation flavors, and a subscription service could put an end to running out of coffee. She consulted with coffee mentors who have served 30+ years in the coffee field from roasters to coffee shop owners. And Chicago French Press was born.

Chicago French Press launched as an online business first, offering 15 flavored coffees and a subscription service. Chicago French Press coffee is 100% Premium Arabica, NON-GMO, and freshly roasted organic coffee. Not only is it freshly roasted, it is hand flavored and ground to your preferred grind method directly into the bags ordered. Mind blowing right? How many companies do you know make your coffee grinds to order? The other thing that blew my mind is that 5% of the proceeds from each bag supports select 501(c)3 organizations.

Chicago French Press Subscription Box
February 2021 Chicago French Press designed an exclusive box in honor of Black History Month .

Chicago French Press started doing pop ups in Chicago, displaying their coffee. They showed customers how the coffee should be brewed and taste without adding all of the extra stuff. Showcasing the quality of coffee and creating an inviting and welcoming yet therapeutic environment that customers gravitated toward. With the pop ups becoming a success, Kris started adding community events. Events such as music series, a platform for non-profits to speak, and other events that embodied a sense of community and inclusion.

With the success of the pop ups, Chicago French Press now has a permanent location in Chicago. Patrons can expect a friendly smile when they enter, warm and inviting atmosphere, and premium quality coffee. Not in Chicago, that is okay. You can order coffee from Chicago French Press’ website. Or, you can order one of the three Chicago French Press monthly subscription services offered. A subscription box can include three to five coffees, apparel, and monthly drink recipe.

Kris Christian has her eyes set on the prize, with goals of making Chicago French Press a household name nationally and internationally. Chicago French press went from online store to store front, selling in stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls to now QVC. Kris, wants future coffee shop owners and roasters to know you can do this too. Bringing quality coffee and products directly to your door. Creating your business with little of nothing. “Work with what you have, do your research, find your niches, consult with the experts, and start small, said Kris Christian.” As a coffee drinker, inspiring coffee shop owner, and brand ambassador of Chicago French Press, I’ve truly learned the meaning quality over quantity.

Ready to order? Head over to Chicago French Press and use promo code: Monique for 15% off.

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