Cheesy Cajun Grits and Spicy Sausage

Learn how to make a savory filling 30 minute meals that’s sure to please your family.

If you are a mom like me, you understand that time is not always on our side. We have to be mom, superwoman, playmate, maid and most of all the chef. I love cooking, but I don’t always have the time to cook an elaborate meal to feed my family. I have come up with an easy recipe that would sure hit with your family.

In a medium sauce pan, add your water, chicken broth, and butter and bring to a boil. Once water is boiling, add in your onion powder, garlic powder, Cajun seasoning, and creole seasoning. While water is boiling, add in 2 cups of grits and stir until grits adsorb the water. Once grits have thicken cover your grits and cut your temperature to low and simmer.

*Tip for cooking grits, use a whisk to stir your grits. Also add water every 4 to 5 minutes to loosen your grits and to keep from lumping.*

Once your grits become smooth (no grainy texture), its time to make them creamy and cheesy. Add in one cup of milk and stir. You will notice your grits instantly become creamy. Add in pepper jack cheese, and Gouda cheese and stir. Cover and cut your grits on warm.

In a medium skillet on medium heat, add a little olive oil and saute your onions, peppers, and garlic. Once veggies are soft add in your sausage and cook until brown. Once you sausage is done you are ready to eat.

Spiked Red Velvet Cupcakes

Meals and Miles Spiked Red Velvet Recipe

It’s that time of the year again, when baking is at an all time high. One of my favorite cakes to bake is red velvet. Let’s be honest red velvet is one of the best cakes ever, but it’s really just a chocolate cake with food coloring, lol. Nonetheless, it’s still one of my favorite.

While visiting family in Dayton, OH, I noticed Bailey’s released a limited edition Red Velvet drink. Now, Baileys is great in coffee and drinks, but I wondered how would it taste in a cake. So I decided to try to a spiked red velvet cake. Baileys hit the nail on the head with the taste, but would it translate in a cake? Yes, it did. It was really good. You get a hint of the Baileys and it did not over power the cake.

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Easy Friendsgiving Sweet Potato Souffle

Meals and Miles Sweet Potato Souffle Recipe

Over the last several years friendsgiving has become a big thing. People are spending more time with their friends during the holidays. Either because family is to far away, job restraints, its more cost effective, or etc. Friendsgiving is normally a potluck dinner in which everyone has to bring an item.

If you are attending a friendsgiving dinner this year, but have no clue what to bring, don’t fret I have an easy recipe for you. My mama’s (mother) sweet potato souffle. Its both sweet and savory. Its the one thing I look forward to every year. It will be a hit at this year friendsgiving.

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